If I may interrupt…

oh!…but look!


Embrace winter with Pye Corner Audio…

As you may know, the first fruit of our Head Technician’s labour, ‘Black Mill Tapes Volume 1’ is unleashed this Sunday, the 31st of October.

Featuring 10-and-a-bit tracks of analogue ambience, proto-dancefloor inventions and haunted tape-echo abuse, it’s the ideal accompaniment to fireside meditation (pipe not mandatory).

These fine fellows agree…

“There’s a lot to love in the Pye Corner Audio world” Jon Brooks – The Advisory Circle, DD Denham

“This is wonderful” Warren Ellis

…will you?

We really shouldn’t!

As it seems to be an age until Volume 1’s release date, Our Head Technician is unexpectedly allowing us to give away a bonus number that was earmarked for Volume 2.

Snappily titled ‘Unmarked Reel Two, Track One’ it appears to be the last arpeggiations (?) of an expired synthesiser, accompanied by…strange disturbances…

Here it is…

As part of our ongoing quality control efforts, please come and leave a comment once you have obtained said number.

The Information

Full track listing:
1. Transmission One:Lonesome Vale
2. We Have Visitors
3. Folk Festival
4. Electronic Rhythm Number Three
5. A Dark Door
6. Theme Number Four
7. Electronic Rhythm Number Eight
8. Building Twelve, Room One
9. Theme Number Nine
10. Transmission Three:Briar Lane

Total running time: 28 minutes

Release date: 31st October 2010 via Bandcamp
Price: £4.99