We’ve been magnetically aligning ferrous particles since 1970 and you can contact us by email at:

8 thoughts on “Us

  1. Hah, I’ve just discovered where your Head Technician image comes from… It’s from an old children’s knowledge annual with an article on the Post Office’s ‘Mail Rail’ system – this is the Mount Pleasant Control Room shot from that article. Nice!

    Good work, by the way – I’ve read comparisons to The Advisory Circle and BoC. Strangely though, noone – after listening to the Black Mill Tapes – has suggested early 1980s Mark Shreeve as a comparison… esp for tracks with that retro electro-snare beat like ‘Electronic Rhythm Number Four’. That one especially would fit right in on the ‘Assassin’ album.

  2. ‘Black Mill Tapes-volumes 3 & 4’ LP : what a great… soundtrack ! If it was a movie, it would be Blade Runner-like I think. Or Philip K. Dick meets John Carpenter.

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