The Head Technician speaks.

This week the Head Technician was interviewed by 33-45 rpm blog.
Read it here.

Rui kindly translated the paragraphs that precede the interview…

“The plot has been thickening in an exciting way. After Cafe Kaput another virtual label appears on the hauntological map: the same Pye Corner Audio that I previously mentioned around here. Like Ghost Box, Moon Wiring Club or even Jon Brooks’ side project, DD Denham, Pye Corner Audio has also prepared an elaborate fantasy to frame its activity and art, a fantasy that, like the other mentioned cases, also has a visual translation and a component of mystery. As it happens with a generous part of the hauntology production, it’s more about creating a parallel dimension than a matter of returning to the past. More so because, we can tell on the music of all these mentioned cases, the past is a fluid and almost abstract confusion that can accomodate the ghosts of victorian para-psychology, the plays staged on BBC and haunted by the Radiophonic Workshop, hip hop sampladelia, the pastoral vision of Canterbury and who knows what else.”


Seasonal adjustments…

Well, ‘Black Mill Tapes Vol. 1’ has been out about a week now. Many thanks to those who have already bought it, and to those that have yet to…what are you waiting for? Go get it!

The Head Technician would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the fine folks who have provided support and encouragement along the way…you know who you are, and if you don’t, this is me telling you!