The Information

Full track listing:
1. Transmission One:Lonesome Vale
2. We Have Visitors
3. Folk Festival
4. Electronic Rhythm Number Three
5. A Dark Door
6. Theme Number Four
7. Electronic Rhythm Number Eight
8. Building Twelve, Room One
9. Theme Number Nine
10. Transmission Three:Briar Lane

Total running time: 28 minutes

Release date: 31st October 2010 via Bandcamp
Price: £4.99


2 thoughts on “The Information

  1. So, to clear up any confusion, is this a physical release or only downloadable?

    Also, how are we to contact Pye in person?

    Thank you for the choice musique-cal morsels!

    • Hi there, we’re testing the water with this one, so it’s download only.
      Available at bandcamp from 31st October.
      See the What? tab at top of page for contact details.
      Thanks for your inquiry…

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