We shall release…

Black Mill Tapes Volume 2:Do You Synthesize? on April 11th.

It will once again be available here for the princely sum of £4.99

You can get a sneak peek at the tracklisting over there.

Don’t forget, you may catch a glimpse of our Head Technician at the Komedia in Brighton on April 14th. He’s playing a set at the Belbury Youth Club night at The Outer Church. Tickets available at the Komedia website.


A good old-fashioned youth club disco!

Gulp! The Head Technician has only gone and agreed to play a live set for Belbury Youth Club at The Outer Church!

Please show your support by not pelting him with rotten fruit and soggy copies of TapeOp magazine…

A fascinating night is guaranteed with the presence of Moon Wiring Club, deejaying from the Ghost Box top-bods, and fine visual treats…

Further information

We managed to drag some information out of our Head Technician regarding the transfers comprising Vol.2, and he gives us a clue as to the meaning of the album’s title:

“…after inspecting this batch of transfers using my complicated ‘Pyesonics’ audio analysis technique, I discovered that these pieces were most likely created using only one sound source. If I were to hazard a guess, I’d say a low-end Japanese mono-synth…this has lent these pieces a certain uniformity of sound, so I thought it relevant to group them together on this release.

Once again, there was the bare minimum of information on the tapes, so I took the liberty of naming the tracks myself…”

Rear sleeve artwork shown below:

Black Mill Tapes Volume 2: Do You Synthesise? is due for release before April 14th (you’ll see why!), priced at £4.99.