Study Series 07 ‘Autumnal Activities’


We are very honoured to be included on the latest Study Series single from Ghost Box.
Titled ‘Autumnal Activities’ and featuring a collaboration with The Advisory Circle, it is scheduled for release on November 18th.

Now that the nights are drawing in, it will make for the perfect fireside listening experience.

For further information, audio previews and kind words visit The Belbury Parish Magazine and the Cafe Kaput blog.

Thanks to JB, JJ and JH!


5 thoughts on “Study Series 07 ‘Autumnal Activities’

  1. Wow, a Vol.3 !!! Now I am excited – Vol.2 was so good, and ‘Toward Light’ is a constant favourite.

    Reminds me, I must scan those ‘Mail Rail’ images I have and post them to Flickr : )

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