Winter in Switzerland…

We are very proud to be playing at Les Urbaines Festival in Lausanne, Switzerland!

The show is scheduled for Saturday 3rd December (time TBC) and completely free, so if anyone is in the area, please do drop by!

Artists confirmed include LA Vampires, Maria Minerva, John Maus and Bill Orcutt.

If anyone has any experience of the Swiss weather at that time of year, advice would be appreciated. Shorts and knotted hanky should be fine, yeah?

More info on their website and facebook page.


Study Series 07 ‘Autumnal Activities’


We are very honoured to be included on the latest Study Series single from Ghost Box.
Titled ‘Autumnal Activities’ and featuring a collaboration with The Advisory Circle, it is scheduled for release on November 18th.

Now that the nights are drawing in, it will make for the perfect fireside listening experience.

For further information, audio previews and kind words visit The Belbury Parish Magazine and the Cafe Kaput blog.

Thanks to JB, JJ and JH!

A rare sighting…

…the Head Technician in the wild. Approach with caution!

The Head Technician would like to extend a belated thanks to everyone who came down to Belbury Youth Club at The Outer Church on the 14th. He had a grand old time, and hopes you did…

Big ‘shout’ to Joe, Jim, Julian, Ian and Jez for making it a much less nerve-wracking experience than it could have been!

Images courtesy of @lemurcom and @folkhogskola.

We shall release…

Black Mill Tapes Volume 2:Do You Synthesize? on April 11th.

It will once again be available here for the princely sum of £4.99

You can get a sneak peek at the tracklisting over there.

Don’t forget, you may catch a glimpse of our Head Technician at the Komedia in Brighton on April 14th. He’s playing a set at the Belbury Youth Club night at The Outer Church. Tickets available at the Komedia website.

A good old-fashioned youth club disco!

Gulp! The Head Technician has only gone and agreed to play a live set for Belbury Youth Club at The Outer Church!

Please show your support by not pelting him with rotten fruit and soggy copies of TapeOp magazine…

A fascinating night is guaranteed with the presence of Moon Wiring Club, deejaying from the Ghost Box top-bods, and fine visual treats…

Further information

We managed to drag some information out of our Head Technician regarding the transfers comprising Vol.2, and he gives us a clue as to the meaning of the album’s title:

“…after inspecting this batch of transfers using my complicated ‘Pyesonics’ audio analysis technique, I discovered that these pieces were most likely created using only one sound source. If I were to hazard a guess, I’d say a low-end Japanese mono-synth…this has lent these pieces a certain uniformity of sound, so I thought it relevant to group them together on this release.

Once again, there was the bare minimum of information on the tapes, so I took the liberty of naming the tracks myself…”

Rear sleeve artwork shown below:

Black Mill Tapes Volume 2: Do You Synthesise? is due for release before April 14th (you’ll see why!), priced at £4.99.