Sleep Games

We are very proud to announce the forthcoming LP on Ghost Box.

Titled ‘Sleep Games’, it will be available as a 14 track LP, a 16 track CD, and a digital download version.

The entire package is going to look amazing, with design by Julian House (of course) and a very interesting missive discovered by Mark Fisher (k-punk). The audio has been beautifully mastered for stereo reproduction by Jon Brooks.

Eager beavers can listen to selected highlights over on the Ghost Box Soundcloud page. All being well, the release date is slated to be 19th October 2012. Put that in your diary/calendar/smartphone/wherever.

Track listing:

1. Sleep Games
2. The Black Mill Video Tape
3. Print Through
4. Deep End
5. Into the Maze
6. Experimental Road Surface
7. Yesterday’s Entertainment
8. The Mirror Ball Cracked
9. Palais Spectres
10. Remanence
11. A Door in the Dry Ice
12. A Non-Place
13. Underneath the Dancefloor
14. Nostalgia Pills
and on CD/download:
15. Chlorine
16. Nature Reclaims the Town



8 thoughts on “Sleep Games

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  2. Listened to the samples and ‘phew’ – not a Nigel Lambert Schools Science or PIF reference anywhere. I am so glad you’ve stuck to your sound, I was worried when the word ‘Ghostbox’ cropped up a few months ago.

    I do like the darker, simpler chugging feel of the earlier samples which retains a lot of the Black Mill / early John Carpenter [Assault on Precinct 13] / Mark Shreeve feel I like in your work, although I think you were standing a little too close to Jon Brooks when you came up with ‘Deep End’, lovely as it is – which sounds like an outtake from ‘As The Crow Flies’.

    Needless to say I cannot wait to hear the rest.

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