All Pathways Open…

Right then, our Head Technician has sworn that he will have the next instalment of Black Mill Tapes ready for us by the end of January.

Volume 3:All Pathways Open comprises a further twelve tracks lovingly transferred from those now fabled 1/4″ and cassette tapes.

The Advisory Circle kindly lent a hand and retransferred ‘Electronic Rhythm Number Eighteen’ for which we are very grateful. Our Head Technician tells us this particular segment had been giving him a fair bit of trouble, so the help was appreciated.

Once again it will be available for purchase on our bandcamp page for the sum of £5.99.

Previews will be going up on the SoundCloud page in due course.

UPDATE: Release date now confirmed as 23rd January 2012.


7 thoughts on “All Pathways Open…

  1. A very productive set of tapes, it seems.

    Between this & the upcoming Belbury, I can safely say “all is well with the world”.

  2. Oh fab stuff! I am tingling, as I often have BMT2 on repeat when I’m faffing about… especially ‘Toward Light’. BMT2 was a definite advance in melodic & sound quality on the already great BMT1, so I have high hopes of this new release.

  3. Ooh, lovely. I listen to Vols 1 and 2 on the tube a lot on the way to and from work. It gives everything a bit of a Quatermass vibe.

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